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Martin Beaulieu is a storytelling photographer focusing on environmental portraits, corporate / industriel and travel assignment, but still with is documentary approach.
He received numerous awards and recognitions since then from LUX/CAPIC contest (2000,2004), Applied Art Magazine contest (2000) and Mass media initiative-ACDI (2003). 
" Martin is highly creative and extremely personable. Because his vision is sharp, his subjects are always portrayed in an exciting light. He aims to understand the mandate and always finds ways to deliver beyond expectations. His technical knowledge is impressive and he is very flexible and pleasurable to work with. I highly recommend his work." - Anne McIsaak, Art Direction, Photography & Graphic Design
He covered stories in Haiti, Zambia, Malawi, Mozambique, India, Tibet, China, Nepal, Peru, USA and Canada. 
Some of his clients:
Corporate: Jack Victor, Hh, Löle, Asana Performance, Groupe Corwik, Groupe Marcelle,... 
Magazines and NGO: Canadian Geographic, GEO France, LaPresse, Discovery (HK), ID Magazine (US), High Life Magazine (UK), Sunday Time (UK), Amnisty International, Doctors Without Borders, Red Cross and Canadian International Development Agency (CIDA),...
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